Morte Ne’

A Community Trapped in Voodoo

In April 2015 Pastor Vilmer Paul, myself, and prospective Pastor Job visited the hidden community of Morte Ne’. The sad title of this village literally means “born-dead”. Our prayer has been since that visit that God would change that name to “born-again” and change and redeem the lives of the villagers.

We drove as close as possible to the village before having to walk the remainder of the way to the village. The scenery was beautiful. A large stream some distance from the village provided water for every need. Many women were doing laundry and bathing children when we arrived. We first spoke to two young men about their need of Christ and then took time to speak to the women at the stream.

Afterwards we made our way to the village and we were introduced to the local witch-doctor or shaman. Pastor Vilmer spoke boldly to this man of Jesus and why he should turn to Christ and away from false gods. However, he was unmoved, being he made his living off the fear he instilled in the villagers. I was also privileged to speak to him of Christ through Pastor Vilmer’s translation.

Since that visit, Pastor Job and Pastor Vilmer has visited the village. At one of those visits Pastor Vilmer learned a woman in the village had a dream that Jesus visited her to tell her she was worshipping false gods. When Vilmer introduced her to the one true God, she and her household became believers in Christ. Now a group of more than ten are meeting in this village. We also praise the Lord for a three year lease on some land in the village for the new Church to meet.

But more help is needed. We need to build a temporary building in order to see the work grow and provide a school. Your help in support of Resource Haiti can help us provide the need.

Pastor Pete